How To Develop Ubereats Clone App?

Updated: 17 July, 2023

Making an UberEats clone app can be difficult, but it can also be a thrilling chance to develop a new service that caters to your users’ demands. An UberEats Clone App is made up of several stages, including designing the user interface, developing the app’s functionality, adding payment options, testing, and software optimization.

You may make an Uber Eats clone app that gives a different and personalized user experience while mimicking the features and functionality of the original app by following a step-by-step procedure. You’ll get a complete, step-by-step tutorial of how to make an Uber Eats clone app in this post, including budget estimates and suggestions on the best development approach to utilize.

How To Create An App Like UberEats?

Given that, the guide that follows will show you how to create an Uber Eats clone app:

Define The Requirements And Features For Your App

Every on-demand food delivery app needs to include certain functionality, like user registration, order placement, payment processing, tracking, reviews and ratings, and push notifications.

Decide On A Development Platform

The following step is to choose a development platform based on the requirements and price of your project. The two most popular platforms for creating apps are iOS and Android. 

Get A Development Team

Work with seasoned developers who have produced similar apps and are able to oversee the entire development cycle from conception to release.

Design The User Interface

The user interface of your program serves as its public face, therefore it must be easy to use and visually appealing.

Create The App

The development team should also guarantee that the software is performance, security, and speed optimized.

Install And Test The App

After testing, the software might be made available in the app stores for users to download and use.

Ongoing Support And Maintenance

The app is only being created at this point. Consistent maintenance and support are required to keep the app current and error-free. This entails fixing any issues that arise, updating the app with new features and functionalities, and providing customer assistance to users.

Must Included Top UberEats App Features

Features Of An Admin Panel

Database Management

Utilize the mobile app to manage all information regarding the registered customers, restaurants, delivery boys, and other details.

Restaurant Management

A single platform allows the restaurant management administrator to manage a flexible supply guide and add or remove establishments.

Offer Control

Create and implement new promotions, discounts, and also give permission for the restaurant side promotions.

Revenue Control

The restaurant’s and delivery boys’ responses to customer comments can be viewed and managed by the restaurant’s feedback management administrator.

Alerts For Registered Users

Control the SMS, emails, and app push notifications sent to customers, delivery men, and restaurants.

Client-App Features

Speedy Onboarding

Start by choosing a social login option or by registering by email.

Browse Local Restaurants

Try to locate restaurants based on the many types of places, cuisines, timetables, and other factors.

Explore The Menu

Check out the prices and specialties listed on each restaurant’s menu. Choose Your OrderThe customer can choose the restaurant and place their order after doing so.

Examine The Cart

The chosen order needs to be added to the cart before being placed.


Utilize the push notification tool to receive updates about new restaurants, features, or specials directly in your inbox.

Safe Payment Method

When there are simple and practical methods of payment, the UberEats business model has a higher likelihood of success.

Review And Rating

The user can rate and provide good comments if he is happy with the meal delivery app’s service, and negative feedback if the service was subpar.

Features of Restaurant Apps

Order Alerts

To prompt the restaurant staff to go to work and be prepared with the order as quickly as feasible, an order alert must be provided when the user places the order.

Create A Custom Menu

Through customizing the menu feature in the meal delivery app, the restaurant owner can make any adjustments to the menu that suit his preferences.

Choose Your Order

The customer can choose the restaurant and place their order after doing so.

Payment Administration

This function of the meal delivery app allows you to control how payments are collected, such as cash or card, and whether they get to the delivery boy.

Customer Information

To confirm the order and obtain the location, the restaurant panel needs the customer’s contact information.

Respond To Customer Comments 

The restaurant owner is permitted to respond to customer evaluations and comments.

Control Special Deals

Through the smartphone app for on-demand meal delivery, the restaurant owner can provide deals, special seasonal discounts, and rewards to its most loyal patrons.

What Is The Price To Create An App Like UberEats?

An iPhone app similar to Uber Eats, Zomato, and Swiggy can be created for between $4500 and $12000.

The most fundamental costs that must be considered while creating an Android and iOS app for food delivery services similar to UberEats are:

Collecting Fees

This section entails spending a lot of money on conferences, social events, and overviews while also gathering requirements, such as the personnel team that will be responsible for implementing service initiatives.

Development And Design

The whole amount the company will spend on its test engineers and developers is the cost of an app like Uber Eats configuration and development. Basically, this will cover the price of the many licenses needed to engage more staff for planning out the development process.

  • The license fee: $300
  • Fee for hosting mobile apps: $99 per app
  • Cost to develop: $7000
  • Consequently, your whole development cost will be $7500
  • Typically, the price of a native food delivery service like Uber Eats is $26,000 for an iOS app and
  • $27,000 for an Android app.


Since the Covid-19 outbreak, UberEats has experienced exponential growth, and analysts predict that it will continue to soar as more people become accustomed to placing food orders. Additionally, a lot of new restaurants now serve the food that consumers desire, making it simple to get your favorite food.

A meal delivery app’s development is likely to be a profitable venture given this expansion. However, in order to pursue this, support from a skilled app development business is essential.

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